River Trip and Snorkel Experience

Price $45 for 2-to-3 people or $40 USD 4-to-8 people
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River Trip and Snorkel Experience

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The Mesoamerican Reef system stretches over 1000 km. spanning the eastern coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. It is the largest reef in the western hemisphere and has been identified as a unique and globally important coral reef ecosystem.

Xcalak, is a great snorkeling destination and is among the Mesoamerican reef. Everyone who comes here should try to go snorkeling at least once. You’ll be opened up to a whole new world – one of striking beauty and strange and unusual creatures. You might see a spotted eagle ray flying gently by you, a funny looking needlefish, or even a lobster! It’s truly an amazing sight – one you don’t want to miss! After that you will visit the last Mexican frontier on the south of the Caribbean named Bacalar Chico River, this is the border with Mexico and Belize where you’ll have the opportunity to see termites nest among the mangrove, Orchids and variety of Mangrove. Note: This tour does not include any snorkel equipment. Bring your own or you can rent at any dive shop in town. Xcalak National Park fees are included.

$45 for 2-to-3 people or $40 USD 4-to-8 people
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