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 How many fish will I catch in one day?
It depends on a lot of things. Most fishermen catch somewhere between 5 to 15 bonefish per day depending on what time of year it is. Sometimes the number is less, but the Bonefish are bigger. Xcalak is well-known for having bigger Bonefish and Permit than other areas of the Eastern Coast of Yucatan. Permit are a little harder to catch. One or two Permit over a several-day fishing trip is very good. They are also bigger. And there are a lot of them now year-round because of the man-made Zaragoza Cut.

 How many Grand Slams have you had?
In 20 years of guiding fishermen, I stopped counting.

 Can I still catch fish if I have never fly fished before?
Of course. That is why you have hired me. I like teaching new fishermen.

 May I keep the fish I catch and eat them?
We have a catch and release system here in Xcalak. Permit, Bones and Snook are part of this system, as are most other fish. If you happen to catch Snapper. Jack or Barracuda and would like to eat them for dinner, I will clean and fillet them for you.

 Do most of the hotels in the area prepare the fish I catch?

You might be able to get Toby to prepare your fish. I think that Silvia might prepare your fish for you, too.

And at Acocote Eco Inn, all rooms have full kitchens, as well as a barbecue, so you can prepare your fish any way you like.

 Do I still have to pay if the weather is too bad to fish or if I just don’t feel like it?
If you cancel the trip because of the weather or you just don’t want to fish, you pay me. If I cancel the trip for any reason, you don’t pay me.

 How many people can fly fish in your boat?
Two people per boat is the general rule here whether two fishing or one is fishing.

 How big is your boat?
For fly fishing, I use a 23 ft. Panga. If we fish the lagoons, I use my smaller boat and you may have to help push it through the Lagoon with me. However, if you are a party of more than two fishermen, don’t worry, I have many good fishing guides with good boats and I will be happy to arrange fishing for your group.

 What size line and what kind of flies will I need?
Read the link on this page for information on fishing equipment needed and for my seasonal fishing chart.

 I don’t own my own equipment. Do you have equipment I can use?
Yes, I have.

 What is the best way to contact you?
The very best way to contact me is through my email. You can fill out the inquiry form on my website or you can call me. My email and phone are at the bottom of each page of my web site.