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Xcalak, Costa Maya, México
Xcalak! It's still the small fishing village it was 35 years ago. The difference is, it is becoming a haven for the sport flyfishing enthusiast. The Chetumal Bay flats in Xcalak are vastly larger than Ascension Bay further north, offering the fly fisherman more opportunities for more fish. The Chetumal Bay flats produce profound numbers of Bonefish, Permit, Jacks and Barracudas. Local independent fishing guides make sport flyfishing affordable and enjoyable.

I have 20 years of experience on the Chetumal Bay flats. My sons and I have now made “Osprey Tours” our family business. One of my sons, Andres Castro, has 10 years of flyfishing experience. He has become one of the most important guides in town, along with other guides that we work with. My other son, Manuel Castro, has more than 12 years of experience with costumer service working for several cruise ships around the world. So we know what you’re looking for! Our other guides are well prepare and are considered amoung the top 10 guides in town. All our boats are adapted for two fishermen. With the combined talents of all our team members, we can make your flyfishing dreams come true.

Captain Víctor Castro
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       Best of Chetumal trip:

  • Xcalak-Flyfishing has worked with the owners of the Meca for the last three years and we feel comfortable recommending this combination trip that would include fishing with us as well as fishing the waters on the Belizean side. Staying aboard the Meca will be a comfortable experience with air conditioned cabins, good food, and experienced Belizean guides.
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About Captain Victor Castro:

I am 49 years old. I have been married to Flora for 30 years and we have 3 boys and two girls. I have lived in Xcalak for 41 years.

I have seen a few changes here. When I was a little boy, Xcalak was just a sleepy little fishing village. We were only one of 75 families that lived here. Xcalak has grown. We are now one of 100 families who live here.

My father taught me many things. And one of them was fishing. He knew the waters well and shared all his secret places with me. Some of them are still my secret places.

My father told me that a secret place can only remain a secret place if you don't over fish it. Bone fish are smart. They can count. And they remember for a time. They know how many times the hook takes them from the water. If that happens too much to a fish, they will move and the secret place becomes a memory.

Sometimes when all the fishermen are excited to catch so many fish, I have to say, “I am sorry, it is time to go.” They say to me, “Are you crazy?” I say, “No.”

I think I am a good flyfishing guide because many people have written letters to me and some of them are even on the internet. And I am grateful for this. I like it when people tell me I am a good flyfishing guide because I think it means it must be true.